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    Source: Crush! Frag! Destroy
    Shock! Gasp! An Avatar puzzle game that’s actually pretty well made! Feinting!

    Okay, I’m overdoing it a bit but Arranger – My Avatar really is a pretty neat little image-tile placing puzzle game. You know the kind: A picture is broken up into squares and you have to rotate and replace them all in order to make it whole again. It’s nothing new. However, in this rendition you get to see your Avatar in each photo. It’s actually a bit more nifty than it sounds. Plus, and this is what really impressed me, all of the images are in HD and they move. Well, at least some of them move. I dunno, reconstructing a photo of a landscape with giant windmills while they lazily spin (even when the pieces aren’t placed yet) is kinda neat to me.

    Source: We The Gamerz

    This is a very entertaining game for such a simple one. I really enjoyed playing this puzzle game. It’s pretty much just like the old classic puzzle but with a slight slider puzzle mixed in there. They add a nice little helpful object by way of your avatar. I found this very helpful when making these puzzles.

    The game is setup in grids which make up the base for how many pieces your puzzle will be. It is broken up into squares which are all randomly mixed and also rotated in different directions. There is only about 20 or so puzzles you are able to do, but you must complete them to unlock the next in line.The puzzles were actually somewhat challenging because of not knowing if they were the correct position or rotated correctly. You are able to look at the complete picture just by holding the start button and also a little easy way to tell the edges is to look at the border that some pieces have one them.

    Some of the pictures actually move a little as well, which can make things some what complicated depending on the picture. You can easily just put the pictures anywhere you want and once all the pieces are placed, the pieces that are in the wrong place will glow red so that way there you know which pieces need to be either replaced, moved or just maybe rotated. The controls for the game are very simple.You are always able to look at the controls during the game anyway, but you will pick them up very very quickly.

    For the most part, the puzzles started out taking me around 5 minutes, but starting gradually taking longer as each puzzle got a little more complicated. The puzzles also get more and more pieces as you go through each one which can take a lot more time and a lot more patience to complete. The graphics for the game are very simple yet pleasing to the eye and clean. I would really suggest this game to anyone; it’s a nice little change from all the craziness from games that most of us are used to. For only 80 Microsoft points, you can’t go wrong. So go download this nice little game and enjoy some good ole puzzle making.

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